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  • Light-, Energy- and airtechnology
  • Team player - Passionated - Responsible
  • Innovative lighting techniques
  • Increased sense of security
  • Improved preformances

Innovative yet practical feasible solutions

Due to the current economy, we have to look at new developments and challenges on the market. A multitude of technologies make us more aware of sustainability and innovation, under pressure of the regulations set by the government. Technological and at the same time practical achievable solutions that lower energy bills, without any concessions in gaining’s is the vision of Rofianda.

Rofianda is forward in the field of light, energy and air

Rofianda is there to help you with developments within the market. The organization is specialized in both advising and supplying of products and services in the area of light, energy and air. Rofianda is constantly searching for new technology and applications. For that reason Rofianda is progressive with technical developments. Standing towards the future, Rofianda is highly involved in the industry. For instance the owner of Rofianda, Ronald Gronsveld, is taking place in the NEN commission of lighting and advisor of LTO North on the light emission of stables. Besides that, Rofianda has narrow collaborations with suppliers, consumers and many valuable partners.

Experienced partner with specialism

The experience of Rofianda creates distinctive products and advices which makes Rofianda a solid business partner in the fields of light, energy and air.


  • Merger Rofianda Consultancy B.V. and Rofianda Agri B.V.

    12 years ago Rofianda Consultancy was founded, for the past years we have experienced an exponential growth and Rofianda Agri B.V. was added to our company profile. Rofianda is still growing, to improve our services we have decided that Rofianda Consultancy B.V. and Rofianda Agri B.V. will be...

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Light solutions!

Fiona en Ronald Gronsveld, eigenaren van Rofianda Consultancy B.V.

For 20 years Rofianda is active in advising and supplying services and products on the area of energy, light and air. Fiona and Ronald Gronsveld, founders of Rofianda, work together with their empolyees to make possible for you what wasn't possible before. By developing products and knowlegde, together with a narrow collaboration between producers and end-users the owners want to achieve this.